“After years of managing Cameron’s challenges and seeing him transform into this confident, ambitious young man, I felt it was time to share our autism journey with the world. ”
— Aundrea V. Caldwell


Book Summary

With her first book, Wait, Did You Say Autistic? ,  Aundrea has written an inspirational memoir about her journey of Acceptance and Advocacy after receiving her son's autism diagnosis in 2004.  She openly shares the many challenges and sacrifices she made to ensure her son's success!

For parents raising children with Asperger's Syndrome or high-functioning autism, they will gain much-needed hope in reading the beautiful and not-so beautiful moments faced by her family.  This book will also highlight the strategies Aundrea used that transformed her son into the confident, ambitious young man he is today. 

Wait, Did You Say Autistic? is now available on Amazon.com

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