My First Facebook Live!

I’m sitting on the side of my bed in awe of the unexpected beautiful moments I’ve experienced since my Facebook Live on Thursday. As of Christmas, this video has been shared over 55 Times with over 2800 views. 😳 #craziness

Since completing the video, so many people have reached out to let me know that they appreciate me being so authentic. Many felt the pain I had gone through because they're going through a similar pain.

(final) Facebook Live Announcement! (1).jpg

This Thursday, I'm going to honor my promise of doing a weekly Facebook Live highlighting updates on my book release. But this week, it will be part - business strategy and part inspirational.

You’re going to jump for joy hearing about the connections I’ve made since the video launched.

I’ve connected with people wanting to;

- shift their careers into something more purpose-driven and want to know how

- pursue a business idea that is totally opposite of what they’re doing right now and feel like it’s time to make a move but don’t know how,

— become an author (they have many books in them) but don’t think they have the discipline to see it through;

and, of course, meeting and being introduced to other Autism moms who are “surviving and thriving” in the world of Autism and others who are not and want to know how.

Are you kidding me? I’m so moved by this experience. What an amazing Christmas present? I can’t wait to share these moments with you.

Happy Holidays! See you guys on Thursday!!!!

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